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Welcome to Internal Medicine Associates, LLC!  We consider it a privilege that you have entrusted us with your medical care.  This brochure will outline information that will hopefully enhance your experience with our clinic. 


As a patient of our clinic, you have entered into a contract with us.  IMA does NOT have a contract with your insurance company but as a courtesy to you we will bill them for you.  However, You are responsible to make sure your bill is paid.


Our Billing Department will be glad to work with you on a payment plan if necessary.



Procedures, Insurance and Billing:


It is the patient’s responsibility to preauthorize procedures with their insurance company prior to any procedure. Obtaining authorization does not guarantee payment by the insurance company.


Any patient having more than one procedure in the same day should verify what percent of the second procedure will be covered. Some companies will reduce the percent reimbursed for the second procedure. The portion remaining after the insurance company’s payment is your responsibility.


If you are not sure if a service is covered by your insurance, please read your insurance handbook or contact your insurance company in advance to see what percentage you will be responsible for at the time of service.


As a specialty clinic, our physicians may suggest services to be performed at outpatient facilities. Please note that you will receive at least one separate bill from the facility and one from the physician. Any payments made at the time of the procedure will be applied towards the facility fee, not the physician’s fee.


Services from Independent Providers are Billed Separately:


In many instances, your physician may order services or testing which are independent

from IMA. Such organizations include:

laboratories, pathologists, x-ray facilities, and hospitals.


For patient convenience, there is a Quest Diagnostic lab station located in our clinic. However, patients should have their services performed at the facility they are required to use by their insurance company.

IMA does NOT provide billing services for the following: Alaska Regional Hospital, Providence Medical Center, and Anchorage Endoscopy Center (AEC).


Over Usual and Customary Charge:


Your insurance company may pay on charges according to their usual and customary fee scale. IMA fees are set independently from the insurance company guidelines. In the event your insurance company determines a service to be “not covered” or “above the usual or customary charges,” you will be responsible for the balance due.


Deductible and Co-payments:


Payment of your deductible, if not already met, and the patient’s portion of your charges are required at the time of service.


Past Due Accounts:


Arrangements should be made with our Billing Department for past due accounts. We want to help work with you in setting a payment arrangement that will help you pay your account without affecting your credit.


However, if you do not contact us your account will be sent to Cornerstone Credit Service, LLC after 60 days.




AEC (Anchorage Endoscopy Center) is a separate entity from IMA.


Please contact your insurance company regarding using AEC as a procedure facility.




Insurance Billing:


IMA gladly accepts and bills all insurances including Medicare and Medicaid. Currently, we are only accepting Tricare as a secondary insurance.


If there are any changes in your insurance information, you are responsible to contact IMA and inform us.


Preferred Providers:



IMA’s pulmonologists, Drs. Baker, Gerboth and Martynowicz, are preferred providers with Blue Cross Blue Shield.



Dr Koval is a Blue Cross Blue Shield preferred provider. She is the only physician of her specialty in Alaska who performs ultrasound-guided thyroid biopsies.



Currently IMA has seven gastroenterologists. These GIs are currently preferred with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna and Aetna. 

Please note, several insurance payers do not have a gastroenterologists in Alaska that they prefer. Please contact your insurance company to see if they will pay at the preferred rate because there is no preferred providers available.


Medical Records


For your protection, we fully adhere to HIPAA regulations regarding the privacy of your medical records. We will send a copy of your medical records to another physician’s office, if requested to aid in the “continuation of care” for you without a signed release. However, if you need your attorney or other entity to receive your records, they will need to make the request in writing and provide us with an authorization signed by you. Due to high volume, medical records requests are processed within 10 to 14 business days.